Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Friendship On Call

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(Gigama ni Jaime)

I can’t imagine myself living without friends. I do consider them as treasures, like special stars in the milky way hhhmmm…you know, they make you laugh, they make you angry, they make you think, realize, and sometimes they make you look like a fool hehehe. They’re always on the number one list of people who always disturb us, but for one touching reason-and that is because they simply care. That’s why even though I’m so busy with the business of humanity sometimes, if someone from my circle of friends calls me with Dolby Surround voice “Jaiiimeeeeee....." I run to them in lightning speed. Zooommm...( Hhhmm…Superman again? ) I didn’t say that! hehehe! I take every call a like a hostage crisis, feeling like the man of steel. I’ll run for someone who needs me.

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You see, I’m a typical male who wants to save the day, to be a lift for someone who loses faith in life. I want to help whatever I can to make them feel they’re not alone, and life doesn’t end by just one complicated problem. I want to add them to my prayers or simply being there when those tears are falling in someone eyes like rain. Hey…don’t laugh at me; I’m just trying to be a Christian here. To help and to advertise my tarpaulin print service hehehe just kidding!

True friends sometimes are like magic. They do understand us by just looking in our eyes. Our silence, smiles, or our chuckles has meaning to them. Sometimes, we need not to say a word but they feel what’s deep inside us. Ohhh…I find that exquisitely sweet. It’s really hard to find friends who have superpowers to understand our craziness and foolishness. They stick in us even if sometimes we do hurt their feelings. Truly, they are blessings worth thanking for.

I’ve already made a promise to myself years ago, and that is to be always there when my friends need me, as long as my time allows it or my heavy duty heart still has the energy to bring me to that call. All for free, in the name of friendship, in the spirit of care and noble affection.

May God always give me the bursting energy to help a friend who calls my name.


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